Traveling the Road Least Taken by Becoming a Creator

road least takenEveryone is on a highway. It’s busy and ugly. If you want to beautify your life you’ll need to travel upon the road least taken. It’s there the most interesting things happen. Better yet, create your own path.

When you diverge from the highway, you take a path of solitude. It takes courage to travel alone. But it is only on these small and winding paths that character is forged. In order to develop as a full person, to become a fully developed man, you have to go your own way. To follow the highway means to be another number. It means to be another carbon copy of those in front of you and those behind you. To be a copy cat is a stifling death.

Sure, you will be able to discuss the same perspective as everyone else. On the highway, you will see the same things as everyone else. For some this is what it means to not be lonely. But for others, however, the creators and the lone wolves, this is the true meaning of loneliness. The path of the human herd is a boring and unbearable fate. It is also the definition of living an inauthentic life. As Albert Camus has emphasized, authenticity is the ultimate act of rebellion in this very mundane world.

It takes creativity to forge a path for yourself. Without it your journey will be a disaster. You will not be able to create your own path, but instead will be devoured by the thicket covering your life. Creativity is a weapon that forges the path ahead. You will need to become a creator in order to wield the weapon that will slash through the forests that block you from your next destination. Creativity is an essential part of the Alpha Principle and is the fundamental building block to living an authentic life.

The herd does not know how to create. They follow. They can only move where the majority of people go. They can only say things that they have heard before. They can only think things that they have been told to think. Their souls are very shallow – if they have one at all. At best they are imitators and certainly, they are regurgitators.

Creativity is only learned on a solitary path. Travelartistling alone frees you from the burden of others. It forces you to become sharp. It also means that you become the god of your own world. Others can no longer dictate to you how the world is, or what you should think about it. Your perspective on this solitary path is unique and as such it is something that is purely your creation.But it is also as real as the world they want you to believe in.

Each footstep is no longer forced by the herd that is pushing from behind. Instead you are as free as the wind. In your own hands lies your destiny and fate. You exercise choice, freely. The purity of your spirit is maintained because you are no longer influenced by external factors.

On this road you will discover the key to get to the next level. Here is where men are forged. But walking alone is not enough. To become a man of higher caliber you must learn to become a master of creation. This is only achieved by traveling the road least taken. There is not only freedom here, but fulfillment.


I am an author, artist, entrepreneur, historian, musician, and the proprietor of the Handbook of Gentleman Living. Educated as a Historian and Philosopher at the University of Tennessee, my mission is to help craft men of higher caliber.

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