Do It or Someone Else Will

Do it or Someone Else Will

Do it or Someone Else Will

People believe that their ideas are unique, not the case. I mean tell that to Elisha Gray and Alexander Graham Bell, the individuals that filed a patent for the telephone on the exact same day. Multiple discoveries, that’s what it’s called. And this isn’t just one example, there’s hundreds of them.

If you wait around, someone else will do it. Perhaps their idea will not be as good as your idea, but people don’t care. People that do are the ones that get awarded. Ideas are worthless unless executed. The World doesn’t care if you are sick, or feeling tired. This is planet Earth. Results are what matter.

Why Do We Give Up?

Do It Or Someone Else Will 2

  • Too many of us wait until we reach perfection. Ideas come and go, if you wait too long, you might lose interest in an idea.
  • Another problem linked with this is that we often wait for “perfect.” We wait for the perfect day, for the perfect people, for the perfect equipment. Let me tell you something, any work I have ever done, months after when looking at it again I seen flaws, I have seen so many imperfections but the content was still being loved, the content changed lives. It’s part of learning. We do, then we realize we can do better so we do better, then we look back and see the improvement. This happens only if you do.
  • If you wait around trying to make that perfect video, you will never get it done. You won’t edit a Hollywood quality movie on your first go, people that edit them, they didn’t do it at first either. They progressed. Learned from their mistakes. Here’s the thing. In life you are going to be wrong, and then you are going to find something new, and be less wrong but still wrong. It’s like science. Science used to tell us that we only have five senses.

When to start?

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You didn’t fail because you didn’t know enough, while sure, you need a certain amount of knowledge, it’s generally you thinking you need more knowledge that stops you from executing. You can only read a certain amount of books before you realize that books on certain topics all essentially share the same concepts, but are written differently, with only little things that make them unique from the others. If you start to notice that you already knew certain things when you are reading or learning, that’s a sign you should start to execute.

There isn’t a way to do, everything works. There’s no right way or wrong way.  How you do it, it doesn’t matter, how you share a message doesn’t matter, handwritten text, typing, video, these are all merely a tool used for sharing a message. So if you are wondering how to finish things, do. Simply do. There isn’t some magical formula to finishing things, it’s simply doing it. Knowing that if you don’t do it, that your idea will be wasted.

The question is do you really want it like you claim?

As ideas come and go, if you don’t want it say it. Move on. Forget it, but stop complaining about it, because the reality is that if you are serious about your goals, then you won’t need to wait until January to start, you will start now and you will finish, as it matters to you.

Stop waiting for perfection and execute, that’s how you do it before anyone else. That’s how you keep going. Do it or someone else will.


I am an author, artist, entrepreneur, historian, musician, and the proprietor of the Handbook of Gentleman Living. Educated as a Historian and Philosopher at the University of Tennessee, my mission is to help craft men of higher caliber.

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