Must-Read Books

48 Laws of Power – Amazing book by Robert Greene. Changed my perspective on power forever. How many of the laws are you using? I recommend this book for any man of higher caliber.

The Way of Men – Jack Donovan does an incredible job defining Masculinity in a common sense way. No more arguing about what a man is. Be bold and unapologetic. Be a man. One of my favorites.

Meditations – By Marcus Aurelius. My favorite book of all time. This should be required reading for all men and be on every body’s book shelf.


Cognitive Enhancement

Peak Nootropics – If you haven’t given nootropics a whirl I suggest you do. You will be amazed by the affects. This is the only place I go for all my nootropics. Currently taking Piracetam & Choline Bitartrate.


Set Up Your own Blog

HostGator – This is the only webhosting service you need. They are known for their customer service and it is beyond all expectations.  I’ve had others before and will not go anywhere else. Host Gator is what I use for the Handbook and all my other websites. If you want to start a blog, then go here. With a money back guarantee you have absolutely nothing to lose. Use our coupon code THEHANDBOOK25 and get 25% off hosting!



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