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Are You Ready To Get Obsessed?

I’m going to give you guys some advice that I wish I had learned years ago and it’s pretty damn simple. The only thing that really matters is this: sacrificing what you are to achieve what you will become. The only way to do this is by being obsessed. I’m here to teach you that ‘obsessed’ is a good word. Embrace it. If you’re listening to what other people say about being ‘obsessed’, then you aren’t listening to yourself and you aren’t being a man.

Look, if you’re going to get to the next level you have to become obsessed. If you’re not obsessed you’re not going to get it. End of story. It’s really that simple.

The Thing You Want + Obsession = You Having The Thing You Want

I know a lot of guys who say they want it. But let’s be honest here. Wanting isn’t doing, and if you’re not doing then you aren’t obsessed. Guess what? They are still wanting and they will always be wanting. Are you into wanting or are you into getting? Wanting and getting are two completely different things.

Obsession is more than just wanting it. It’s going after the fucking thing like a wolf. Look, wolves are obsessed with hunting. That’s why they eat. Their obsession drives their desire. Their obsession gets them to the goal. Its the fuel. OBSESSION IS FUEL. Make it your fuel. Guess what? If you’re not obsessed then you are a beggar. Beggars want. Sheep are beggars. Wolves always get the sheep. Wolves don’t beg, they get what they desire.

When you become obsessed you stop begging. And that’s the key. Stop looking for handouts. They aren’t going to happen. Nobody cares about you as much as you do. Hard work is all that matters and its the only way to prove to yourself how much you care. You’re only going to put in hard work if you are obsessed. Otherwise, you are just playing. You are like everybody else. Just wanting and never getting.

Here is the truth; It’s not enough to play. It’s not enough to dabble. It’s not enough to make your dreams a hobby. That’s what the beggars do. Your obsession is a full-time job and more than that. When you use obsession as your fuel, you have the key component to what is going to get you to the next level. It’s the only thing that will.

Your favorite body builder, your favorite musician, that one guy with a lot of money…. Guess what they all have in common? They are obsessed. Their obsession is a full-time job.

There are only two things keeping you from your goals. The first is others. This happens when people tell you sugar coated pansy lines like:

“take a break”


“everything in moderation”


“obsession is a bad thing”

These people don’t matter. To a man who is obsessed, he only hears people with shit in their mouths. Take a look at these people. Not exactly role models are they? You shouldn’t be basing your reality on other people. Just don’t do it. The other thing holding you back is yourself. If you’re not obsessed you’re not going to get shit. Keep this in mind, for every minute you put into something, somebody better is going to put two into it. For every month you spend getting ahead, somebody has already put in two. The more fuel you put into your engine the further you can drive to get to your destination.

Your obsession…. That’s the only thing that is going to free you from being a beggar and from wanting. Beggars go to work. Beggars can’t get out of bed until they have to work. Beggars only dream.

Being obsessed is not compatible with being a beggar.

Being a wolf is not compatible with being a sheep.

Get it yet? Good. You have to be Obsessed with Success. The math is simple. Look, if you’re still listening to other people, you’re not obsessed yet. And now you are listening to me. Stop reading this article and go get obsessed!


I am an author, artist, entrepreneur, historian, musician, and the proprietor of the Handbook of Gentleman Living. Educated as a Historian and Philosopher at the University of Tennessee, my mission is to help craft men of higher caliber.

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