How to Stop Feeling Tired in the Morning

How to Stop Feeling Tired in the Morning

Are you not tired of it? Tired of waking up tired. “I’ll do something about it today.” But you never really do anything, don’t you? It ends today. It’s about time for you to stop feeling tired. Regardless of how you want to make your life look, you will need energy to act, without it you can only do so much.

How to Stop Feeling Tired in the Morning

The things we will discuss today aren’t talked about on daily basis. That’s why we are talking about them today. We will not mention exercise or diet, as those are the common things you are likely to find on your own. These 3 things aren’t talked about. I could talk about how diet and exercise helps, but that’s talked about everywhere.

Blue Light:

If you are reading this after 9 P.M. or later then you are part of this first problem. Technology made our lives better but at the same time made things that were already right a lot worse. You are sitting at your computer, then tablet, followed by your phone. shows that 95% of individuals either text, browse the web or watch TV, an hour before attempting to sleep. (

How to stop feeling tired blue light

Why Is Blue Light So Bad?

Blue light has many negatives at night, but let’s talk about the main ones that affects your sleep. It stops the secretion of melatonin. And by the time that production resumes it will take hours. Not only will this make your sleep worse, this will also have a long term effect on you because all of that adds up eventually.

There’s two ways to go about this problem, the first which you will more than likely not take, and the second which is a better all around solution.

  • Putting down of your electronic devices. I don’t see this working for most people as we are simply too dependant. Many people also work at night, or so they claim at least. You can implement light bulbs like LIFX, put them under a certain color that limits blue light, or perhaps you can download a blue light blocking app. They are not much help if you are in a public place.
  • Blue Light blocking glasses. They eliminate blue light, and they work. Only thing is they change the color of everything which you might not be a fan of, but they are solution that works. Plus that orange tint isn’t as bad as you think when you get used to it. “Swanwick” glasses are a great example of such glasses.

A Harvard publication ( shows that people that used electronics prior to sleeping took longer not only fall asleep but also had less deep sleep, which essentially is the type of sleep that has most impact on us.

And the biggest problem, we find it hard to wake up meaning we are feeling tired in the morning.

Sleep Schedule:

People might ask how will having a sleep schedule help, but think of it this way. Habit. Gretchen Rubin mentioned in her book “Better Than Before” that most of our day consists of habits. That if we change our habits, then we will change our lives. You get tired because you are programmed like that by your habits. If you do random things, then you will get random results. And going to sleep at random times each day is random. One day you will feel great, the other you will feel… Getting that habit. Going to sleep at a certain time. It works. Once our brain gets into a habit of going to sleep at a certain time, you will automatically feel more ready to sleep at that time, but you will also be able to wake up feeling better.

  • Have a schedule, but remember that change is accepted and matter of fact needed. Jaret Grossman in his new book “Cracking the Code” stated that “your soul recognizes that the purpose of life is not to be regimented in every area of your life.” Regimented means organized. “There are months where I only need 4 hours of sleep and there are other months where I need 8 hours. Neither is wrong, neither is right. They are what is needed in that moment.”

People think there’s this formula for life that works. “Do exactly this and it will work.” Nope. The formula for a great life is experimentation. Constant trial and error.

Have a time schedule, but also be accepting of change. Sometimes you will have to change things up. We are constantly evolving and everything around is changing. BlackBerry went downhill because they didn’t evolve, they stuck to what used to work because they didn’t see a need for change.

I can’t tell you what time you should go to sleep. Some people sleep by the time I get home from training, I’m not going to give up on training. The answer is simple. Experimentation. See what time you naturally feel tired at, I mean naturally, not after a food coma. Time you feel you are not as productive as earlier.

Everything Around You Matters:

I bet you did an experiment in school testing what conditions a plant would grow in. Not enough sunlight, won’t grow. No oxygen, won’t grow.If you are living in conditions which are not optimal for sleep, then you won’t thrive. Sure, you might get enough sleep to survive, but it won’t let you thrive. External stimuli matters.

How to stop feeling tired in the morning

There’s a few aspects that require your attention.

  • We sleep better in colder conditions. I’m not saying that you should sleep in a freezer, but note that if the temperature is greater than it should, then you will have a problem. The attached source shows studies to back this up. Not only will you sleep better, you will also find yourself falling asleep more quickly.


  • You need to think. Would you have a fat layered blanket during the summer? It’s like wearing a winter jacket. It’s doable, but it isn’t beneficial. It’s like buying clothes. You need different ones for winter, and different ones for summer.
  • We are not living in the early 20th century. There is so many different varieties of pillows, mattresses and even blankets today. For people that sleep on their left side, people that sleep on their right side. Cooling pillows, music player pillows. It’s easier to sleep in comfort.
  • Get fresh air at home. Quality of air matters. Visit Ireland and you will feel it. One way to get better air is to have plants. Get rid of mold. Clean your house. Increase humidity. And most importantly, don’t smoke in your house.

You now know how to stop feeling tired in the morning. You want to feel energized in the mornings so you can really live to your potential, Blue light blocking, time schedule, and overall comfort are essential. These things aren’t talked about enough, but yet they matter.







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