Everyone Wants a Friend With Benefits, Until It Becomes A Horror Story

This is a tale of caution for men who think they can still focus on themselves with a Friend with Benefits. Men who think that a Friend with Benefits is safe. Men who think that a Friend with Benefits is sex without complications.  This is a true story and it happened to me.

Friends with benefitsIt all started with a girl I knew from high school. We were good friends then, but we had lost contact over the years and more than likely forgotten about each other completely. I was now 25. She found me on Facebook and sent an enthusiastic message. After years of living without it, she had finally been seduced by the social media network and had made an account. In a blitz of nostalgia I had become her target.

Here begins my horror story.

For a month we chatted very casually, catching up with each other’s lives and goals. She wanted to meet up and reacquaint ourselves. Unable to predict what would happen next I agreed. It was during our meeting I learned that she had a motivation, and that was initially sex. Needless to say, what I thought was to be a one night stand became more. We began to casually hook up about once a week and established a firm friends with benefits relationship. I wasn’t sleeping with anybody at the time, and wasn’t seeking a relationship. She was hot and it seemed to be a great arrangement.
As the weeks became months I began to notice she was becoming more dependent upon me and my time. The texts became more personal. And just like my intuition called it, finally it happened.
She wanted to move things further and admitted her feelings towards me. Now, I’ve never been much of a fool. I was afraid that this would happen and I tried to let her down gently. I told her that what we were doing wasn’t beneficial anymore and that we should end the arrangement. Our friends with benefits situation was terminated. Initially this was fine.
However, a few weeks passed and it was New Years Eve. I had no plans. It was this day that I made a mistake and answered her call.
She wanted to come over. She admitted that she had follied and dismissed any feelings for me. She just wanted to come over, have some drinks, and fuck. “What the hell” I said, “come over.
The night went great and she left in the morning.
A few days later I began to get the texts.
It was here that things began to take a new level of crazy.

 Friends With Benefits

She pursued the relationship mission again, telling me I was making a terrible mistake. In my gut I knew things were going to get bad.
I grew accustomed to just ignoring the texts. I knew I had made a mistake New Years Eve and thought that I could just ignore it and that she would disappear.
As I was asleep one night, I got text after text. Looking warily at my phone, I saw it was her. It was nothing but a bunch of drunken emotional outbursts. I turned my phone on silent and slept until the morning.
When I woke up I checked my phone.


Her final text to me read,

“I am just going to kill myself…..

Sorry I….”

The tone made me incredibly uneasy. I didn’t think she had it in her, but still I hated to see her say it. While I was in class I got a massive fwd text from her mom. Apparently she had got the numbers of the last contacts on her daughter’s phone. Needless to say my ex-FWB didn’t come home that night. Her mom was extremely worried and I felt my gut turn.
I texted back. I told her mom I was in class, but I had heard from her and would give her a call after class was over. Fortunately for me, she was found alive and the thing resolved itself. Her mom responded to me, “Thank you for your help.”
I was mad about the whole thing. I didn’t deserve the situation. Or maybe I did. I vowed from that point on I would never have a Friend with Benefits again. I was mad at myself and I was mad at her. My vow wasn’t a moral vow. It was a pragmatic vow.
The story doesn’t end here, however. I began to get subsequent texts from her. One was a pregnancy scare. I was certain this girl was out to make my life a living hell. I’m sure all of us have had something of that sort before, so I won’t bore you with the details.
Like all things, the situation finally resolved itself. No babies and no suicide. Her final text to me said,


YOU fucked me. Literally and Figuratively. We have no reason to talk anymore. Have a good life.”

That was the last time I heard from her.


I consider myself lucky on this one. She could’ve killed herself. She could’ve got pregnant. She could still be chasing after me. And you know, as hot as she was the sex really wasn’t that great. It definitely wasn’t worth the anxiety.

I’ve had a lot of great experiences with women. I’ve also had some crazy experiences with women. This was just one of many. Now, I want to know what you have been through on the crazy side. Anything similar to this? Feel free to share below!



I am an author, artist, entrepreneur, historian, musician, and the proprietor of the Handbook of Gentleman Living. Educated as a Historian and Philosopher at the University of Tennessee, my mission is to help craft men of higher caliber.

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