7 Habits of Poor People

7 Habits of Poor People

Being Poor is a bitch – pardon my French. Trust me, I know. I grew up poor. It was a terrible experience. Every day was an amount of suffering unparalleled to any day I have now. Don’t get me wrong I’m thankful for those experiences. It’s made me tougher than nails, and gave me the drive to succeed in life. In adulthood, I’ve watched as my family has remained poor. I’ve witnessed my sister make the same mistakes of the past, a sort of generational curse. Most of my old childhood friends were poor and are still poor to this day. For years I worked in management in a very poor area. I’ve got a relationship with poor people and there is a reason they are poor. It’s not bad luck. Instead, it all boils down to behaviors, habits, and beliefs. Here are 7 habits of poor people.

7 Habits of Poor People

  1. Poor People Don’t See Value in Money

Poor people like to say, “Money is the root of all evil!” Or maybe you’ve heard that money is the scorn of the world. The fact of the matter is that poor people do not value money in the same way that successful people do.

  1. Poor People Work Less than 8 Hours a Day.

It’s true, poor people work eight and hit the gate. Often times, this number may be significantly less as people work part time and scrape up only enough money to survive. After work you may hear, “I’m too tired…” or “ I don’t feel like it.” Successful people work a lot more. Even wage earners will find ways to make money outside of work.

  1. Poor People Over-Indulge in Consumer Shopping

One day my friends I’m sure you will be rich. But buying things and junk is not the path that creates wealth. Poor people, and even the middle class fall into the trap of buying things to own them. Consumer shopping is based off emotions.

  1. Poor People are Incessantly “Available” to Social Media Apps.

In the past this may have been television. Today, things are different. Poor people often spend more than 2 hours a day on their phones using social media apps. These are designed specifically by people who know game theory, and have created a virtual rewards/punishment system. What’s worse, the craving for social media says something greater about the spiritual crater in people’s lives. Successful people value their time differently, and thus partition it differently.

  1. Poor People Don’t Take Accountability for their Lives

Poor people will have something to blame. Perhaps it’s capitalism, or the patriarchy, or the evil-white man. Maybe it’s the generational curse of being born poor, or perhaps it’s the one percent’s fault. There will always be obstacles in their way for achieving something. Successful people do something different. Reality is seen as a pathway to reach a goal. Obstacles are seen as things to be overcome or removed.

  1. Poor People Don’t Read or only Read Fiction.

Trust me, I love to indulge in Tolkien’s works. Who wouldn’t? But there is a time and place for fiction. You may see poor people addicted to the newest smut or hipster novel. What they aren’t devoting their time to is reading material that will make them smarter, more competitive, and more valuable. That is, if they are even reading at all.

  1. Poor People Do Not Think Long Term

Poor people live moment by moment. This philosophy is exemplified by “never getting ahead.” Or “Bad Luck.” The sense of instant gratification is always the easier choice. Any long course of action, with an amount of suffering will be avoided. Thus, poor people are often uneducated. There is typically no back up plan for that new car, or when to go to the dentist. Instead, life is lived last minute.

I honestly believe you will get what you deserve in this world and what you value most. I didn’t use to always be that way. I use to be one of the people I’m writing about. My problems were not my fault. I was a poor kid growing up in a poor family. As I entered adult hood, however, something clicked. I was repulsed by the thought of having to live the way my parents did. The further I move from that point in my life, I see exactly what was holding them back.

Here is the truth, you will get exactly what you want and work for. If you are stuck, it’s because you are doing the things to keep you stuck. You are not willing to pay the price necessary to get ahead. That price will be uncomfortable. You must carry forward like a warrior. Discipline is the key. If you truly want something you will go get it. You will not practice the 7 habits of poor people.

P.S. I’ve purposely left off some of the dumb shit because I wanted to write about things I think truly matter and give you something to think about. Drinking, Partying on the Weekends, Hanging Out With Losers. I believe those things to be self-evident.


I am an author, artist, entrepreneur, historian, musician, and the proprietor of the Handbook of Gentleman Living. Educated as a Historian and Philosopher at the University of Tennessee, my mission is to help craft men of higher caliber.

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